Friday, 10 October 2008

How To Make Home Made Sangria

how to make sangria
I'm a huge wine lover and drinking one glass a day keeps the doctor away. Well it works fine for me. But the thing that I want to learn you is a new way of drinking red wine on hot summer days or as a drink on parties. While I was having my vacation in Spain I had discovered a fantastic drink called Sangria. It wasn't the first time that I heard from it, but I had never taste it.

So my friend said to me "it's an amazing drink taste it!" and then I said to myself "If he likes it, then it would probably be very good". I bought myself a drink and at first sight it was just so tasty with all those little peaces of fruit and you know, it was just delicious! Right after that I
asked the guy who made this for the recipe. He gave me the recipe and quite surprised it was just so easy to make.

Ready to make it yourself?


-Red Wine (preferred Spanish wine)
-fruit: lemons, oranges, melon, mango...(keep it balanced)
-1/2 cup of sugar

1. Place the wine in a pitcher
2. Add your cup of sugar to the wine.
3. Squeeze your fruit and slice some into little peaces.
4. Put it into a refrigerator for a few hours to cool it down.

This is it! How to make Sangria
Wasn't so hard huh?

Well the recipe that you've read above is just a basic one. You can experiment with different kinds of wine and fruits of your taste. But be aware it's still a drink!

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